Month: March 2018

Why Buy a Custom iWatch Straps after its March Release

The world has been waiting for the release of Apple Watch. Many reports tell us that the release will be made in March. Do you wish to go out phone-free? How about bringing a watch where you can do a few things that you usually do use your phone? Can you believe that using this watch can even make you reply to messages? Can you imagine a watch where you can listen to music or even look for maps online? These are just some of the features of the Apple Watch. How about the style? This Apple Watch looks...

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Apple’s iWatch: Among the Most Interesting Smart Watches

Smart watches have been considered trending through time. Not long ago, we expected the smartwatches or the watch phone to become a reality, and they did. You may have noticed that these watches have made its dominance mainly in the spy movies as an imperative tool for espionage. But recently, we have seen the mobile phone giants giving the concept of watch phone a big makeover this year. Apple, Samsung or Sony has come up with their own brand of smartwatches which can take a market share from the already established tablets. The Apple just recently launched its latest...

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