Making your house more beautiful doesn’t always mean that you have to spend more. Sometimes it means that you just have to more creative and resourceful. Here are some tips for a more cost effective house decoration.

Be Resourceful

Instead of throwing away the things that you do not need like pieces of woods, old fabric, disposable utensils and many others, store them because you can always utilize them as decorations.

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Do it Yourself

Instead of buying or paying for services to decorate your house, utilize some couple of hours in your rest day to make some “do it yourself” furniture and accessories. You can teach yourself by surfing the net for some ideas and video tutorials.

Be Natural and Simple

Instead of hanging expensive paintings and canvasses, you can stick to the simpler ones or you can always create your own art yourself. On the other hand, you can use your favorite photos and hang them on your empty walls instead. load more…