One of the factors that affect the ambiance and comfort of a house is the personal touch the owners put into it.  It is wise to consider not only the enhancement an embellishment gives but also its functionality.  You need not spend too much money for it.  There are a lot of things in your stock room and garage that you can recycle.  All you need is a creative mind and some craftsmanship.

Used Car Tires as Couch or Center Table

Turn your used car tire into a couch or center table by covering its hole with sturdy plywood.  Attach it to the tire with metal screws.  Overlay it with hemp twine; use a strong adhesive in doing this.  You may use varnish to smoothen the surface and make it more presentable.

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Wooden Crates as Bookshelves or Shoe Cabinet

Reuse wooden crates to make a bookshelf or a shoe cabinet.  All you have to do is to polish the woods with sandpaper and fasten two to three crates side by side with a metal screw.  Paint your cabinet with a color that complements your wall.

Old Doors as Center Tables

If you have to change a broken door to a new one, don’t throw the old one away.  You can make a center table out of it by just fixing legs and stretchers under it.  Paint with a color that fits your taste.

Log Slice as Side Table

You might bump into a log slice around the farm.  Do not hesitate to bring it home because it can be very useful.  Just by screwing 3 wooden legs at it, it can function as your side table or telephone table.  Spray some varnish to enhance its natural look. discover more…