A house generally is a reflection of the owner. In this case, can you further manifest your own individuality through bungalow house? Definitely. By adding these four “Do it yourself” furniture, you can definitely make your house more like a home.

Relaxing Outdoor Chair

Sipping a cup of coffee or tea while enjoying the outside view of house while sitting comfortably on a chair made of wood or any available materials that you have assembled, with an added footrest and back support is one way of detoxifying.

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Hanging Bookshelf

Assemble some pieces of wood and drill them on your empty wall to serve as your mini bookshelf.

Mini Table

Recycle some scraps of old metal and use them as a stand for around piece of wood and you have yourself a mini table with lots of uses.

Sliding Cabinet

You can utilize some old pieces of wood boxes of at least 2 similar plastic boxes without over, create the frame, bring together in a way that you have to pull and slide the boxes to open the cabinet. click here for more…