Smart watches have been considered trending through time. Not long ago, we expected the smartwatches or the watch phone to become a reality, and they did. You may have noticed that these watches have made its dominance mainly in the spy movies as an imperative tool for espionage. But recently, we have seen the mobile phone giants giving the concept of watch phone a big makeover this year. Apple, Samsung or Sony has come up with their own brand of smartwatches which can take a market share from the already established tablets. The Apple just recently launched its latest product – the Apple Watch. It is set to release the product soon.

If you haven’t bought any of these smartwatches yet, then you are probably curious as to what to expect from these smartwatches. Here they are.

First, let’s talk about the Samsung Galaxy Gear. This smartwatch has a number of features which would definitely attract both Android user and non-users alike. It is packed with a 1.6 inches image viewer which can produce resolutions 320 x 320 pixels. Moreover, this smartwatch displays vivid colors and high contrast and has a built-in microphone and speakers through which the users would be able to talk directly with the help of the watch. It also had a 1.9 Megapixel camera and 720p HD video recorder that is necessary for the photography enthusiast. It also has an inbuilt 4GB memory storage space. It can easily run small local apps which are necessary for the moment.

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Let’s move to the Sony SmartWatch 2. It is far less expensive than the Samsung’s counterpart. It has a 1.63-inch viewer. It comes with a resolution of 220X176 pixels. Furthermore, the LCD screen of the watch prevents user’s view to be washed out in the daylight. Also, Sony has packed the phone with several goodies like touchscreen UI, sliding widgets for viewing weather, Facebook, Twitter as well as Phone alerts. These are all rolled into one and are compatible with other Android handsets. However, it does not have that it does not have the microphone and speaker compatibility so that users have to take out the phone to use it.

The latest is the Apple’s iWatch. Before, it used to be just in the rumor stage, but now it’s set to become a reality. It looks like a wristband and it runs on the iOS software. The watch would certainly be running on iOS7 or a higher version of Apple OS. It is also expected that Apple would be incorporating several of its flagship products into the watch.

Now, with all these smartwatches, the traditional watchmakers are also taking a plunge into this changing trend. They need to set up a new strategy and shall consider these new trends to remain soaring high. They need to modernize the concept from the conventional one. Otherwise, as the smartwatches gain more and more popularity; they may hardly meet their target attraction in the market. click here for more…