Installing a new lift in a building can be a budget busting costly. You need such an expert that can cut the cost of installation as well as offer optimum service lift. For all these purpose, JDR Lift Services is available to you. They are one of the most reliable and prominent lift service provider.
The main objectives of JDR Lift Services are to offer all kinds of equipment & associated services in conformance to relevant codes as well as regulatory requirements for providing the customer with assurance and total satisfaction that the best possible result is obtained.
In order to sustain this philosophy, JDR Lift Services has policies & procedures in place which must be adhered by the entire staff at all times that details specific ways in which tasks must be performed. Customers should feel comforted since the directors will always be contactable & approachable always in order to provide personalized service which can be very difficult to find in Lift industry.
The Mission Statement of JDR Lifts Services are:
– To cater with the best possible service at competitive and realistic cost.
-To build a staff of just qualified engineers that work to achieve goals of JDR.
– To achieve the customer satisfaction every time.
– To increase company clientele list.
-To only allow work in full compliance having the appropriate regulatory authorities.

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They carry-out a complete survey of the site to give their clients a complete estimate of the work and a suitable package to meet all their requirements. Also to ensure that all the tools in question meets the entire safety requirements of lift as well lift equipment. They are sure that you’ll find all their quotes very competitive & you can rest guaranteed that the entire works will be finished to very high standard of workmanship to make your old lift/elevators come to life again. JDR Lift Services specializes in all the aspects of servicing as well as repairs within the lift industry that include preventative lift maintenance, modifications, lift repairs and lift modernization of all kinds of hoists and lifts.physician-listening-to-patient-in-wheelchair_1890558

If you are looking for a dependable, independent and consistent lift company which is passionate about lift industry then you should contact JDR Lifts services. They offer you every kind of services which you need to have for your building. Take a look around their website for further information on lift company services which are provided by them.

As a lift company, JDR Lift Services offer competitive prices, optimum lift refurbishment services, quick response times, because their services carry the JDR name, you can be guaranteed of a top quality and extremely professional lift and elevator service. read more…