The world has been waiting for the release of Apple Watch. Many reports tell us that the release will be made in March.

Do you wish to go out phone-free? How about bringing a watch where you can do a few things that you usually do use your phone? Can you believe that using this watch can even make you reply to messages? Can you imagine a watch where you can listen to music or even look for maps online? These are just some of the features of the Apple Watch.

How about the style?

This Apple Watch looks great as it has a sleek design with different bands to match various outfits, from sporty to formal. Imagine how classy that can be.

How does it differ from an iPod?

The Apple Watch actually works like a wrist-iPod. Thus, if you’re the type of person who loves both music and iPod, then you will surely like wearing it now. If a headphone cable had been bothering you before, then this watch will answer the problem. The watch can actually play music from your phone via Bluetooth connection.

Have you been used to making mobile payments?

This Apple Watch has that particular feature. This watch enables to make wireless mobile payments. Now, you won’t have problems in possibly exposing your financial data because Apple has reportedly claimed to use token technology to keep credit card date private. This works almost like an encryption system for all financial data coursed through Apple.

Also, this Apple product has a HealthKit tool, thus it will also boost your health. You may have heard that the first wave of wearables focused on monitoring step count, physical activities, pulses, and heart rate, then this Apple Watch may even be made to also include monitoring on body fat index, blood oxygen levels, and other physical statistics.

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Imagine all of these being combined in one product that comes like a far better version of your usual wristwatch. It can give surely provide you very easy access to a lot of things.

As of this writing, Apple is said to be finalizing the wearable device and will soon be ready to release more details about it. These details may include stuff from its battery life to the date of pre-orders.

While it is true that it is still silent on the official launch date of this new technology, the company even teased the crowd for an early 2015 release during the product’s unveiling.

It’s also noteworthy to mention that there are still no official reports about the product’s battery life, although there is a possibility that it might require nightly charging. Few unverified reports say that the product’s battery life may be in the range 2.5 to 4 hours of active use. On the other hand, an alternated active-passive use may make the battery life last for 19 hours. With that, the battery may also survive for an estimate of 2 to 3 days if it’s made standby.

Now, can you connect this watch to your iPhone?

Yes, of course. This watch will also have an app that will connect it to your iPhone. The app manages the settings for such connection including the watch’s applications.

Just like buying any product in the market, if you are still having some doubts about buying an Apple Watch, trying to know it better not a bad idea. You may consider doing it because this product may bring in a lot of benefits to you. The aforesaid features of the Watch may have enlightened you especially on the battery life, safety, security concerns and usage of the product. You may check this out when it’s finally officially released.

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